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I’ve heard the question asked, “Would you be satisfied with a Heaven where there is no sickness, no tears, no heartache, no sorrow, no death, no suffering, no injustice, no sin, no pain, none of the evil of this world, and where the streets are made of gold, the walls are made of diamond, the sea is made of crystal, and we live in beautiful mansions, BUT JESUS WAS NOT THERE? Would you be satisfied with a heaven like that? A heaven without all the bad things, and filled with all the good, but Jesus wasn’t there? Would you be ok with a heaven like that? Before we answer “NO”, and give our religious answer. We need to stop and ask ourselves the question why it is that we are willing to settle for a Christianity like that? (A Christianity where we seek for a life of ease; with no challenges, no setbacks, no illness, etc). And we desire a Christianity with all the blessings, all the good things, and yet we miss the very presence of God. We don’t seek after God Himself, instead we seek the stuff He can give us. God forgive us when we serve God for what He can do for us and for what He can give us, and we don’t serve Him because who He is and just because He is worthy.