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God’s Purpose Ministries live drama ministry is currently showcasing The Crucifixion Experience (TCE) which consists of a breath-taking reenactment of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made to save our souls so long ago. TCE also includes street evangelism and an outreach ministry leading up to the performance.

How it all got started

Created in 1990, by the late Pastor Mike Stephens of Praise Chapel in San Fernando, this powerful reenactment has been performed 58 times, over the last 29 years, in 25 churches all over Southern California and in seven cities in Africa. The number of souls saved…countless. This reenactment starts with Jesus and His disciples entering the Garden of Gethsemene and concludes with the victorious Resurrection of Jesus on the third day. The joy and celebration that breaks out is indescribable. At God’s Purpose ministries, what we desire to do through “The Crucifixion Experience” is simply to bring revival. We desire to be led by God’s Spirit to bring something new to His people that they can respond to, get involved in, and see the amazing results the Lord will bring in their own lives and in the lives of others around them. What we have noticed over the many years of going into different churches is amazing. We have seen God’s hand move in so many churches and in so many interesting and unique ways.

How we do it

TCE involves your church members, choir, and volunteers to bring this re-creation to life. The audience is right in the middle of the action, realistic scenes take place all around them, and by the end; people feel like they were really there to experience it for themselves. Over the years we have noticed some awesome results and amazing changes in the churches who have hosted The Crucifixion Experience. To learn more about The Crucifixion Experience, like why you should host it at your church, how the process works, what results you can expect, where we’ve been, etc., see the Downloadable PDF’s listed below.

  • THE GLORY!!!

Special Note

Soon we will be producing and posting “TCE” Tutorial Videos on YouTube. These instructional videos will give you all the tools you will need to perform a safe, powerful, and anointed Crucifixion Experience of your own. We will show you exactly how to build the props and sets, how to make the costumes, and teach you the secrets behind the special effects. We will also provide the script, the soundtrack, and give you a template for a flyer for advertising/evangelizing in your community. These videos will also teach you how to effectively lead your rehearsals and train your people. ALL OF THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Our hope is to equip churches around the world to reach the lost in their communities by reminding them about the sacrifice Jesus made and the price that Jesus paid for the sins of the world.

If you are a church, ministry, camp, school, etc. and you would like to host your own version of The Crucifixion Experience, please reach out to Pastor George.

[email protected]