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This arm of God’s Purpose Ministries is focused on creating engaging content that share messages of forgiveness, redemption, salvation, equality and social justice. We believe that through story telling we can touch one soul at a time.


After a black Christian cop shoots and kills an unarmed black teen and now he must learn to deal with the ramifications of his actions and the severity of his use of lethal force.

Our Aim

Is to put forth story that will educate the country to the policies, or lack there of, when pertaining to the use of excessive lethal force by law enforcement. It is our hope to use this project as a way to implement new policies that protect American citizens and their children for years to come from being a victim of excessive police brutality or lethal force.

Our Staff

A couple of years ago a wife “Haipha D. Simon” wrote a short to showcase the talents of her husband “Rashawn Vaughn” and that of his network of gifted actors and Producers “Pastor George Williams”. Today that short has turned into a movement of great proportions. Officer Lincoln Holly is a story about mistakes, morals and values. It’s a story about accountability, acceptance and forgiveness.

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