Our Mission

God bless you and welcome to God's Purpose Ministries (GPM).  We are a world-wide outreach ministry and (501c3) non-profit organization also known as God’s Purpose Unlimited.  We are classified by the IRS as a public charity. We share the Gospel, lead people to Christ, and help them discover God’s greatest purpose for their lives. We also partner with churches to help them expand their ministries, increase their impact, and launch community outreach programs. By doing this, we build the Kingdom of God and we serve the needy and the poor both locally and globally.

We are a diversified ministry that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ world-wide, while sharing God’s love in many practical, innovative, and artistic ways. The Lord has opened many doors for us to be able to provide for the needy in our local communities as well as supporting orphans and the poor in countries around the world. We are focused on the message of the Cross and reaching out to the lost by giving them hope and support as they connect with Jesus. We preach Jesus Christ; crucified, resurrected, and available to all who come to Him, just as they are, by faith, with a surrendered heart, asking for forgiveness, and willing to repent. How would your life be transformed if you knew more about God’s Greatest Purpose for your life? What talents, abilities, and passions has God put inside you? What would your life look like if you…? What would you be doing? Who would you be helping? Who would you call on to help you? Where would you live? How much money would you need? (God's Greatest Purpose PDF click to download)


To help one to discover the gifts, talents, passions, and anointing that God has bestowed upon them. (read more click to download.)

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    To give guidance toward finding powerful, creative, and effective ways to use their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities in the Kingdom of God, thus beginning their journey to discover God's greatest purpose for their life. (read more click to download)

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      If you are looking for opportunities to use your gifts, talents, and abilities to serve God and others... (read more click to download)

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        Our Beliefs

        At Gods Purpose Ministries, our beliefs are pretty simple. Instead of just listing them for you, we decided to allow you discover them for yourselves. You will enjoy short, very inspiring and informative messages about the Nature of God, the Trinity and God’s greatest purpose for your life. Listen, read and enjoy.

        Loving God. Loving People.

        Our Leaders

        Experienced. Passionate. Dedicated.


        Pastor George

        Pastor/Founder/CEO George Williams was born & raised in the San Fernando Valley, Los  Angeles, CA. By the grace of God, he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in May of 1986, while still in high school. George has served as multiple leadership positions in the church such as Associate Pastor, Prison Ministry Leader, Worship Leader, Youth Pastor, Deacon and Drama Team Leader.


        sherah rush

        Founder of Beit of Tahleia (House to Bloom) and Director of  African Missions of God's Purpose Unlimited. Sherah is our ministry partner in supporting and providing for orphans and needy children around the world. She is also an advocate against human trafficking and child abuse. She is a long-time friend of our ministry who has a huge heart to serve.


        Emily petito

        Director of Bread of Life Ministry (Pastor George's Mom) Emily has about 30 years of experience running food/nutrition programs for children in low income families, and has worked hard as the Director of Bread of Life Ministries since it started in 2010. Since that time, our food distribution ministry has grown so much, we are grateful to God and all those that volunteered their time and energy to serve.


        Pastor/Director of El Camino Foundation (our ministry branch into Mexico). Pastor Omar is our ministry partner bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ & much needed humanitarian aid to struggling families & children in Mexico.  Pastor Omar and his wife Alma are dedicated to sharing Jesus with lost, lonely, & hurting people everywhere.



        Director of Women's Ministries Alma Villanueva is a woman of God with a passion for helping women to establish, develop, and deepen their faith and their personal relationships with God and others. She works tirelessly with her husband to share the Gospel worldwide.



        Director of God's Purpose Productions. Rashawn Vaughn is a content creator, actor, graphic designer, innovative film/tv producer and passionate activist. Rashawn also provides all print and web design God's Purpose Ministries.

        Want to Support us us?

        Our ministries are grateful for those willing to partner with us to share Jesus' love locally and worldwide by giving their time and finances, feeding needy families in Los Angeles, giving food, medicine, toys and blankets to underprivileged children in Mexico and Nigeria, or by performing in The Crucifixion Experience in the U.S., Nigeria, and Mexico. However, there are other ways you can help.